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Comprehensive Eye Examinations and Eye Health Screening

At Eye See Eyes, our complete focus is on YOUR eye health. There’s no rushing you out the door with a quick fix here! As an independent optometry practice, we have the freedom to spend the time with you to ensure your eye examination is clinically thorough, is performed by a highly experienced optometrist and is individualised to your specific vision needs.

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Our Comprehensive Eye Examinations for Adults and Children

Regular eye examinations are important to maintain good vision and eye health for a lifetime. For children, we recommend an eye examination in the year prior to starting school – or earlier if you have concerns about your child’s vision. For adults, we recommend an eye examination every 2 years (or more frequently if you have an ongoing eye health or vision issue). There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to eye examinations. At Eye See Eyes, we tailor our eye examinations for children and adults to each individual, based on their specific vision needs. Here’s just a snapshot of what we do:

  • We take a detailed eye health and general health history
  • We check your visual acuity (how well you can see) at various distances and we’ll assess your eyes for any optical correction they may require through a prescription for glasses or contact lenses
  • We check your eye muscle balance and eye coordination
  • We examine your eyes for signs of eye disease such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataract, diabetic eye disease and other eye health conditions
  • We discuss diet and lifestyle considerations that may affect your eye health, including protecting your eyes at work and from UV damage
  • We provide advice on a range of eyewear options from our extensive and fashionable range, suited to your lifestyle and budget.

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Our Eye Health Screening Technology

OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) Scans

Some eye diseases progress gradually and may go unnoticed by you, with no apparent symptoms. The consequences can be devastating and may include permanent vision loss and blindness. A game-changer in eye disease diagnosis is the OCT scan. Eye See Eyes has invested in this state-of-the-art technology to assist in the detection of glaucoma and macular degeneration which are the leading causes of permanent vision loss in Australia.

If you have a family history of eye disease or are aged over 40, Leesa will recommend that you have an OCT scan with us. This painless and non-invasive procedure provides Leesa with immediate results, so that she can discuss them with you and fast track any treatment that may be necessary through referral to her network of ophthalmologists.

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Digital Retinal Imaging

During your comprehensive eye examination with us, we may recommend digital retinal imaging. Using technology to provide a ‘photo album’ of your eye health is an essential tool at Eye See Eyes which enables us to monitor any changes over time. Digital retinal imaging is invaluable in our care of our diabetic patients and like OCT scans, Leesa receives the results immediately which she will discuss with you, along with any additional treatment options.

Visual Field Testing

Visual field tests identify any loss of peripheral vision (side vision) and this can signify the progression of eye diseases such as glaucoma. In some cases, it may also assist in determining any underlying neurological conditions.

Like OCT scans and digital retinal imaging, a visual field test is painless. It takes about 30 minutes to perform. We may recommend a field test at Eye See Eyes and usually we make another appointment for you to come back and have this test with us. After your visual field test, Leesa will be able to discuss the results with you.

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